Keeping up with the Devcenters

A nice way to keep up with what’s happening in the developerWorks Developer Centers, which are a rapidly growing set of developer-run microsites that I oversee at IBM, is to put all their headlines in one place, as I have on this Devcenter headlines page.

I’ve used RSS, which I still think is underrated and kind of a good gateway drug to web development and scripting, and the Multi Feed Reader plugin in WordPress, which we also use in the devcenters themselves, plus some simple templating and CSS.

I use Feedly with this and most of my other news feeds, but it’s nice to get them onto a page like where you can send readers to see what news items, blog posts, new videos, and code samples are coming out of our product development teams.

Just launched a website for a buddy of mine, Joel Bourne, whose End of Plenty is hitting the stores now. End of Plenty is a book about food shortages and world populations, agronomy, climate, industry. Solutions. Joel’s a writer for National Geographic (and many other magazines) and the smartest guy I know about the environment, farming, travel, surfboard shapes, and most everything else. He was on Fresh Air today! (June 8th, 2015)


I used aThemes’ awesome Moesia theme, which seems really nice as we build up image galleries and maintain a simple, fresh-looking site about Joel, the book itself, upcoming appearances, etc.