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Just launched a website for a buddy of mine, Joel Bourne, whose End of Plenty is hitting the stores now. End of Plenty is a book about food shortages and world populations, agronomy, climate, industry. Solutions. Joel’s a writer for National Geographic (and many other magazines) and the smartest guy I know about the environment, […]

Wiley Cash’s Old School Book Tour

Wiley Cash says discussing his first novel A Land More Kind Than Home in front of novelist Clyde Edgerton is like “playing basketball in front of Michael Jordan.” It’s a perfect analogy. Direct, local, populist but incisive. Like Clyde Edgerton, Michael Jordan is a Wilmington, NC hero – our town hero! They are both friendly, earnest, regular guys who’ve made it onto the national stage. Wiley Cash is like this too. Listening to him, one feels connected – to the places described in his novel, towns like ours, to the characters, to the author himself. The analogy works because it reveals as much about its creator and his plain-spoken, working-man smarts as it does about the business of writing novels or anything else.