• You are not competing against your partner. It’s a canoe! You’re both succeeding or neither of you are. Find out how to succeed together. 
  • You can paddle harder if you want, and you will probably want to. But that won’t help. In fact it will hinder progress. Paddle better not harder. 
  • Physical power is one of the least important traits of a canoe paddler. Especially of the stern paddler. Balance is better.
  • If you’re in the stern, don’t set the pace. It won’t work. Learn the pace. Adjust what you’re doing. Wait and watch.
  • Don’t do the same thing, do the thing that complements. Not unison. Or equal. You’re not the same people. Tandem.
  • The canoe has different roles. They’re not symmetrical. Take one. Engine, rudder. Switch if you want.
  • Work out the paddling and then stop thinking about it. Don’t get mired in the process. You’re in a canoe! There’s probably an amazing experience right outside the canoe. 

2 thoughts on “Canoe

  1. Kelly Stryker

    And if you end up in the water, crawl back in and laugh about it! Great post! Thanks for sharing.


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