Live Taping: Here We Are Podcast

Please come to the Dead Crow Comedy Room on September 3rd at 3PM (doors open at 2:30PM) to see me take part in comedian and seeker Shane Mauss’s latest experiment, a series of live podcasts “featuring UNCW scientists and specialists from different fields discussing how we are what we are”:

Live Taping: Here We Are Podcast

September 3, 2016
3:00 PM
265 North Front Street
Wilmington, NC 28401

I am not a specialist of anything. Even less a scientist.

I guess Shane Mauss isn’t a specialist either, though: In addition to hosting these podcasts about life, he does stand-up about hallucinogens, stars in a Netflix special called “Mating Season”, guests on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Comedy Central, and Showtime, and in every case is ranging over a whole weird untethered range of subjects…and specialists. Just listened to podcasts he did with botanists, security experts, and happiness researchers.

UNCW brain guy and buddy Julian Keith put Shane onto me, after taking part himself in a great (!) live session on psychology. Thinking we might get into artificial intelligence, which I know the tiniest bit about and play around with, various tech topics I’m now trying to reacquaint myself with.


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