We do not know what we are doing

My wife and twelve year old son have just returned from south Florida on this Labor Day weekend with a 2014 Winnebago Travato. It is parked in our driveway now.

We are gearing up for this Fall. Our project is to travel and home-school our son and also, as we learn things, to maybe even develop curricula for home schoolers. Roam Schooling. And not curricula just for travelling home schoolers but, like…located learning: interdisciplinary, connected, John Dewey-style geology, ecology, history, geography lessons, rooted in some place, like Missouri. Or Colorado. That’s the plan.

We do not know what we are doing. Valves, buttons, compartments, black water. But we will! What better way is there to learn something than to do it, try and organize your thoughts, write it all down, share it.

10 thoughts on “We do not know what we are doing

  1. Chris

    How awesome, Ian! I homeschooled our kids for a couple of years, and I still look back on that has one of my favorite periods of our family life. Enjoy!!!

  2. Renee Livesay

    We did it and loved every minute! We had a Golden retriever instead of a 12 year old. What adventures you guys will have!

  3. Susan williams

    Oh my goodness, you guys are the coolest!!!
    You will all get more reading done the son could possibly get in a lifetime time of public school.
    A learning and living experience, sign me up for your blog, it will be a bestseller!

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