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Blog: Catching an entrepreneurial wave at IBM SmartCamp in Wilmington, NC

Just wrote this post on the blog about an IBM Smartcamp we held last week at tekMountain: Just look at the list of cities that are hosting IBM’s SmartCamp this year: Austin, Dubai, Mexico City, Riyadh, Sydney. That’s an auspicious group. Global. Urban. Connected. Then, down at the very bottom of the list, weighing […]

Fiction advice: Make your meteors the right size

Here’s some fiction-writing advice that’s been useful to me lately. Plot has always been the most difficult part of writing for me. I’m afraid of action! Stories I write have a tendency toward passive observation and inertia, which is why simplistic metaphors about meteors destroying the earth can be so helpful—by getting me out of […]

The brown hen and the Continual Conversation with a Silent Man

Thoughtful analysis by Gary Witt of Continual Conversation with a Silent Man, the Wallace Stevens’ poem from which gets its name: This is one of many poems by Stevens that I can return to again and again, and pull something new out of the words almost every time. The central theme here is man’s […]